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Mon defended her PhD

At the end of November 2019, Mon successfully defended her Ph.D. She did a beautiful job in front of an expert committee including A/Prof. Annette Rowe (Uni. Cincinnati), A/Prof. Diana Sousa (Uni. Wageningen) and chaired by Prof. Don Canfield (SDU). Also, right before the defense, we got the good news that two articles included in Mon’s thesis were accepted for publication. Two days later, Mon took up a new challenge and started a postdoc at the LBNL (Laurence Berkeley National Labs, CA, USA). She’s now up to other exciting adventures in the environmental microbiology of deep biosphere and rhizosphere.


Florin Musat gave a seminar on anaerobic ethane oxidation

On May 23rd, we were very happy to host Florin Musat from the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research, who gave a great talk about Candidatus Argoarchaeum ethanivorans. Not only did we hear a fantastic overview of his latest Nature paper on this topic, but we also got exciting insights about unpublished and upcoming work in his lab on this very exciting topic. What a treat! Read Florin’s blog @nature with details behind the paper, you’ll also find some amazing images of these unusual microorganisms.      


Paola successfully defended her PhD and is now a postdoc in our lab

Paola Palacios is now a freshly minted Ph.D., and my 1st graduate student getting a doctorate. She did a great job at her defense in front of a large audience, and a committee formed by Prof. Ronnie Glud (SDU, DK),  Assistant Professor Jo Philips (AU, DK) and Senior Scientist Florin Musat (UFZ, DE). Congratulations Dr. Paola! Paola is continuing as a postdoc. She is getting some of the Ph.D. manuscripts ready for publication and preparing a grant application. We wish you lots of success now and for the future!    


Mon’s 1st paper got accepted

Mon’s first 1st author paper just got accepted in a special Frontiers topic: “Biological Methanation or (Bio/Syn)-Gas Upgrading” by Frontiers in Energy Research. We are really to see this paper soon in print. The paper is the first test of electroactivity in Methanosarcina species. Yee, M. O., Snoeyenbos-West, O. L., Thamdrup, B., Ottosen, L. D., & Rotaru, A. E. (2019). Extracellular electron uptake by two Methanosarcina species. Frontiers in Energy Research. doi: 10.3389/fenrg.2019.00029 Moreover, the work is part of a collaborative grant with AU-Engineering, A/Prof. Lars Ottosen. The final goal is to apply the electric properties of microorganisms (e.g. Methanosarcina) in real life…Continue readingMon’s 1st paper got accepted