Job opportunities

We’re always on the lookout for talented and team-oriented colleagues

If you have your own idea related to the topics we are working on in my lab,  please contact me regarding fellowships and grant applications. [email protected]

Postdoc jobs

If your expertise is synthetic biology (especially archaeal genetic engineering) and you’re close to finishing your Ph.D./postdoc – contact me. I’ll have a postdoc opening for 3 and possibly 4 years sometime in 2022. Start dates are flexible, to match the right candidate.

PhD student jobs

Two PhD positions will be available this summer, additional PhD and postdoc positions will be available next year.

  1. The first PhD position is on cell surface biophysics of methanogenic Archaea and is funded by a prestigious Novo Nordisk Ascending Investigator grant in Biotechnology based synthesis and production.  Read a longer description: PhD position on a Novo Nordisk Ascending Investigator grant in Biotechnology based synthesis and production.
  2. The second PhD position is in the field of microbiology and microbial interspecies interactions and is funded by a Danish Research Council collaboration grant between danish universities (Amelia Rotaru as PI at SDU, Bo Barker Jørgense as co-PI at Aarhus University). Read a longer description: PhD Scholarship in Microbial Interspecies Interactions Involved in Seabed Methane Cycling.

Projects for MSc and BSc students 

We have several projects for master students. However, these MSc opportunities are available especially if you come from a Danish university.

  1. Interspecies interactions in Baltic Sea sediments (1)
  2. The influence of conductive particles released by climate change events on methane cycling.
  3. Production of valuable chemicals using renewables (biogas, syngas, renewable electricity)
  4. Electrobiodegradation of toxic and environmentally detrimental chemicals
  5. Extracellular electron transfer in archaea
  6. Electromethanogenesis – mechanisms and strategies for engineering