Month: August 2019


Florin Musat gave a seminar on anaerobic ethane oxidation

On May 23rd, we were very happy to host Florin Musat from the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research, who gave a great talk about Candidatus Argoarchaeum ethanivorans. Not only did we hear a fantastic overview of his latest Nature paper on this topic, but we also got exciting insights about unpublished and upcoming work in his lab on this very exciting topic. What a treat! Read Florin’s blog @nature with details behind the paper, you’ll also find some amazing images of these unusual microorganisms.      


Paola successfully defended her PhD and is now a postdoc in our lab

Paola Palacios is now a freshly minted Ph.D., and my 1st graduate student getting a doctorate. She did a great job at her defense in front of a large audience, and a committee formed by Prof. Ronnie Glud (SDU, DK),  Assistant Professor Jo Philips (AU, DK) and Senior Scientist Florin Musat (UFZ, DE). Congratulations Dr. Paola! Paola is continuing as a postdoc. She is getting some of the Ph.D. manuscripts ready for publication and preparing a grant application. We wish you lots of success now and for the future!