Month: September 2017


Paola in the USA

At the beginning of August, Paola went for a three-month environment exchange to UMASS Amherst where she will work with our collaborators Prof. Derek Lovley and Prof. Dawn Holmes. During her stay, Paola will learn how to do genetics in Geobacter and other organisms. She’s also taking a course in scanning electron microscopy and she’s been really excited about finally eying every single detail of those unusual microorganisms she’s cultivating. ¬†We’re excited to see her SEM images too.  



Both Mon and I returned to SDU after our journeys abroad. I returned after a 6 months research stay at UMASS Amherst and Mon returned after a 2 months research stay at Radboud University in Nijmegen where she worked with Cornelia Welte. Mon participated in an EMBO anaerobic microbiology course in Groningen. She presented her work there both as a poster and an oral presentation. Mon mentioned that the course taught her lots of tricks about the cultivation of anaerobes, and she truly enjoyed her experience.    


Visiting US collaborators

At the beginning of August, I gave talks on direct interspecies electron transfer at the University of California Dana and Dornsife and at Stanford University. With this occasion, I visited collaborators (Moh El Naggar and Alfred Spormann), their labs and their groups. We hope that in the future we will build a stronger connection between our labs.