Rotaru Lab

University of Southern Denmark

Status: ongoing 05/2021-

Title: Harnessing microbes to store electricity and capture carbon dioxide in sustainable chemicals

The Novo Nordisk Foundation awarded an Ascending Investigator grant to Amelia Rotaru (PI) in May 2021.

We will be looking at the mechanisms of electron uptake during electromethanogenesis in various groups of methanogens. Additionally, this project led to collaborations with local industry and a joint Ph.D. project, where we will be testing electromethanogenesis on a larger scale.

Team (in order of arrival):

University of Southern Denmark

  • Malene Arreborg (Industrial Ph.D. student, SDU+Nature Energy) – starts Sept. 2022
  • Rhitu Kotoky (Postdoc, SDU) – starts July 2022
  • Abdalluh Jabaley (Ph.D. student, SDU) – is looking at the cell surface biology of methanogens exposed to electrochemical stimuli
  • Amelia-Elena Rotaru (PI, SDU)
  • Lasse Ørum Smidt (lab technician, SDU)