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By - Amelia Rotaru

Geomicrobiology meeting and Redox Meeting in Manchester UK

It’s been a pleasure to give a keynote talk at the Geomicrobiology Network Research in Progress meeting in Manchester.  A second keynote will follow at the Redox Active minerals in Natural Systems meeting in Manchester. Plus I met some great scientists including Prof. Jon Lloyd and listened to exciting science. Some tweets of my talk:    

By - Amelia Rotaru

Breathless microbes

It is only a couple of days since Mon has relocated to Netherlands (Radboud University) for her PhD environment exchange. In Netherlands, she is developing genetics in methanogens together with Assist. Prof. Cornelia Welte in the lab of  Prof. Mike Jetten. Genetics in methanogens is a critical tool to broaden our understanding of electron transfer in methanogens growing on electrodes or by direct interspecies electron transfer. At the