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University of Southern Denmark

By - Amelia Rotaru

Corrosion meeting in Leipzig

I went to Leipzig to discuss a new collaborative project with my old collaborators (Niculina Musat, Hryhoriy Stryhanyuk, Florin Musat and Hans Richnow) and our new collaborator from MPI Bremen, Prof. Friedrich Widdel. Lots of exciting science was discussed, and we’re ready to learn more about corrosion by methanogens, together.

By - Amelia Rotaru

Memrise and student learning

On the 8th of December, I participated in the poster session of the Lecturer Training Program at SDU. I presented the poster attached, which discusses how students could use spaced-repetition to learn biochemistry concepts. Poster LTP Amelia 2

By - Amelia Rotaru

Questioning: how it can support learning, teaching and assesment

I went to a course held by Donna Hurfort at SDU on Questioning and it’s impact on learning and teaching. This course concludes my Lecturer Training Program  training at SDU. Soon, I should be a certified University teacher – at least in the nordic countries where this certification is required. Here is a link to the course, if you’re interested to learn more