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Paola’s first preprint

Ever wondered who’s corroding those chemical weapons oozing mustard gas in the Baltic sea, wonder no more: “Baltic #Methanosarcina and #Clostridium compete for electrons from metallic iron”. Check Paola’s #firstpreprint #bioRxiv #MIC #ironcorrosion funded by the Danish Research Council (Sapere Aude program): Palacios et al., 2018 BiRxiv 530386        



I have been granted tenure after three years as Assistant Professor at the University of Southern Denmark. Today, 1st of November 2018, is my first day in the capacity of tenured Associate Professor. I am excited about my new role and curious to learn and develop further.

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Preprint 1st of Nov 2018: Extracellular electron uptake by two Methanosarcina species

My first Ph.D. student Mon Oo Yee just preprinted her first paper: Extracellular electron uptake by two Methanosarcina species. Mon discovered that although two different Methanosarcina could do DIET, they differed in their capability to do electromethanogenesis at a fixed cathode potential. We are excited to hear how the scientific community receives her work.


New preprint from our lab

In incubations originated from the sediments of a ferruginous, early Earth analogue lake, we were surprised to discover that the interspecies association between Youngiibacter and Methanothrix was strictly dependent on conductive particles. Here is a link to our paper. The implication of this study is that mineral-syntrophy could be the relic of ancestral associations between protocells splitting metabolic tasks, prior to the evolution of a complex EET-apparatus required for today’s interspecies associations.