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Technician jobs available

We are looking for a lab technician to assist our lab with studies on microbial electrosynthesis and microbial influenced iron corrosion. By the end of the year the group will consist of 2 PhD students, 1 postdoc, and the PI. We expect an academic technician and a lab technician to join us as well in 2016. Please apply online here (for the academic tech) and here (for the lab tech).

We are hiring!

The Danish research council awarded 7 million DKK to investigate how methanogenic Archaea corrode iron and ultimately find ways to prevent corrosion. The project will be carried out at SDU.
On this project 3 positions are available (see more details here):
  • 1 postdoc position which will investigate the molecular mechanisms used by methanogens to corrode metallic iron
  • 1 PhD position  to isolate highly corrosive strains from corroded oil/gas pipes and find what promotes corrosion
  • 1 lab technician – which will be helping not only with the iron corrosion studies, but also with the microbial electrosynthesis project funded by a Novo Nordisk award.