Year: 2019


Paola – Ph.D. thesis submission

On the 28th of February, Paola submitted her Ph.D. thesis, which includes 6 manuscripts (3 already submitted). Very curious to hear what the committee thinks about Paola’s work. Wishing her best of luck, it’s been fantastic working together. Hope we will continue working together for a bit longer after her defense. Picture link:


Paola’s first preprint

Ever wondered who’s corroding those chemical weapons oozing mustard gas in the Baltic sea, wonder no more: “Baltic #Methanosarcina and #Clostridium compete for electrons from metallic iron”. Check Paola’s #firstpreprint #bioRxiv #MIC #ironcorrosion funded by the Danish Research Council (Sapere Aude program): Palacios et al., 2018 BiRxiv 530386