Rotaru Lab

University of Southern Denmark

By - Amelia Rotaru

Welcome to the 2022 team

Several new lab members are joining us this autumn. In September, we will welcome three lab members: Satoshi Kawaichi as a staff scientist, Malene Arreborg as a Ph.D. student and Sarah Sabro Damgård as a third-year ISA student.In October and November, we welcome two postdocs. In October, Kostas Anestis will join us from the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and

By - Amelia Rotaru

Welcome to a new lab member

New lab member In July, we will welcome our new postdoc Rhitu Kotoki from the Regional Centre for Biotechnology, Faridabad, India. Rhitu has a Ph.D. in microbiology from Assam University. He has a background in microbial genetics, omics and bioinformatics. He is interested to study the genetic and physiological properties of microorganisms with biotechnological potential. You can read more about

By - Amelia Rotaru

ERC consolidator grant

Incredible news. Amelia received an ERC consolidator grant for the project: Conductive MInerals As Electrical Conduits In METhane Cycling (MIMET). ERC consolidator grants are awarded to excellent researchers based in Europe, that are 7-12 years from receiving their PhD. The purpose of these grants is for established young labs to strengthen their research teams. This is a grant of 2