Rotaru Lab

University of Southern Denmark

By - Amelia Rotaru

Two new students are joining out lab

Jakob and Viktor have joined our SDU lab to work on different aspects of electrosynthesis to produce valuable chemicals from renewable biogas and renewable electricity.

Jakob will do his bachelor thesis with Amelia’s supervision. His thesis deals with green bioplastic production and is incorporated within the framework of the project “Microbial Chemical Plants“.

Viktor will do a 10ECTS independent lab study with Mon’s and Amelia’s supervision. His project deals with biogas upgrading to natural gas by digester consortia doing electromethanogenesis. This research study is incorporated in the framework of the project “Electrogas” on which Mon is a PhD student.

Both Jakob and Viktor have previous experience with science as they’ve been part of the IGEM international inter-college science competition. They were trying to produce the bacto-aid – a bandaid which is sustainable. In our lab they’re going to continue work on sustainable products generated from renewables.

Jakob and Viktor you’re welcome to the lab. Lots of success with your science.